University Teaching

Documentary Production/Sports Stories (Lecture, Screenings and Workshop). Documentary Production is an advanced level production class in which students create serious original video projects. This course guides students through the design, pre-production planning, production, postproduction and subsequent evaluation of individual and group documentary projects.  Instruction topics include contemporary visual storytelling, cinematic philosophies, ethical issues, research, funding, and distribution.  Students will also learn how to develop voice and point-of-view and work within various documentary genres.  In addition, this class will also focus on the sports documentary genre within the resurgence of the documentary form.

Multi-Camera Productions for the Arts (Lecture and Workshop). This course will introduce students to the (preproduction, production and postproduction) theories and techniques of multi-camera productions.  There will be a major emphasis on hands-on instruction in this class throughout the entire semester.  MCP will emphasize live directing theory and execution, and multi-camera studio techniques.  Students will be taught the language, protocol, and aesthetics used to produce multi-camera programs.  This is a course, which allows students to experience all aspects of multi-camera television production with an emphasis on directing, technical directing and camera operation.

Documentary Form (Lecture and Screenings).   This course will help students reach a better understanding of the documentary by exploring its contemporary development, its many genres, and the journalistic and ethical questions that arise in documentary production.  By studying this complex and often controversial form, students will become more knowledgeable as media consumers, and more thoughtful as producers of multimedia material.

Media Production (Lecture, Screenings and Workshop).  Practical training in the fundamentals of video and audio production techniques through lectures, hands-on exercises, individual and group projects.